“Human nature is water, not stone.” (Marty Rubin) – and that makes us flexible

I’ve had a
lot on my mind this last week.  A
particularly heavy period threw my moods off kilter.  An important work deadline is coming up at
the start of September, with the final big push that entails.  I’m going away with friends this coming
weekend, so there was planning for that too.
Other assorted demands and to dos pulled me here and there as well.

This mental
hullabaloo affected blog post preparation.
Time set aside to draft was swamped by other issues.  My planned topic shifted from A to B to C, D
and E, leaving me sitting here on Thursday – way past the time when the posts
are usually scheduled for – with a blank page on the screen and still no clear
sense in my head as to what I want to say.

Topic A was
prompted by violating my ‘don’t work after dinner unless it’s totally urgent’
policy.  One Friday evening, despite
having no pressing submission date, I took my laptop back out at 8pm and went
back to a document because I knew that in this case, leaving the revision until
Monday morning would be more detrimental to my state of mind than simply doing

Lesson: having
our own rules can be useful for easing the burden of decision-making and for
setting clear boundaries but sometimes we need to break them.  Flexibility is a useful skill to cultivate.

As I was wrote
the first two paragraphs above, an amazing solution sprang to mind – I’ll write a
summary of each possible blog post topic that I’d considered this last
week!  Five mini posts in one!  Great idea, only now I’ve written an outline
of the first point, plans B, C, D and E have vanished from my mind.  Gone.
Evaporated (no doubt I’ll wake up in the middle of the night shouting
them aloud).

I guess
that decides the topic for me.  Plan A it
is, albeit in summary form.  I’m
resisting because it’s different to how I usually write posts; it’s much
shorter, for a start.  But perhaps this
is a good thing.  Shows I’ve learnt to be
flexible after all!

What do you
need to get flexible about?  Maybe you’re
strict about no screen time for your kids before tea but with a wet summer holiday
upon us you’re thinking an hour on their favourite game might do everyone some
good.  Maybe you’re religiously saving
for something but another opportunity you’ve dreamt about has arisen and you
can’t seize that chance without drawing down on what you’ve put aside.  Maybe you’re super proud of your independence
but are straining under the pressure of everything that has fallen to you – is it
time to ask for (and accept) help from others?

Where would
a bit more malleability benefit you?  

Get in
touch by commenting below or via social media: there’s Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or the A Life Of One’s Own Facebook page.
And of course you can also email me (rae@alifeofonesown.co.uk).

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