Let It Rain: lessons from bad weather on holiday

I’m writing this from a hotel bar in Mallorca. When I woke
this morning, I thought we’d be spending a day lounging in the sun as we did
yesterday. My friends and I had the pool/beach debate. Even up to putting our
bags in the hotel’s left luggage room to collect when we leave later, being
outdoors was on the agenda. Then it started to rain. Heavily. And there was
lightning. Four hours later, it hasn’t changed. Sun and sand segued to clouds
and cafes.

We keep gazing out the windows out the pool to gauge how bad
it is. Too bad to even consider venturing out to explore is the answer. During
our four day getaway, this is the second time where the weather has put paid to
our well laid plans. Two days have been predictably hot and beautiful, but two
have surprised us. This was not what we booked for!

What to do about this? There is nothing except make the best
of it. Accept what is, as the Buddhists would say. Let it rain, as Longfellow
put it.

  • I’m still getting to spend time with friends that I don’t
    see much.
  • We’re still getting chance to read the books and magazines
    we’d packed in our beach bags.
  • The bar still serves good coffee.
  • My fingernails are still sporting the gorgeous colour I’ve
    had time to apply – the one that goes brilliantly with my beautiful new ring,
    purchased during our lovely afternoon in Palma on the other rainy day.
  • My brain still has the freedom to roam and day dream, which
    is what I’d most hoped for from the trip.

There are somethings that we simply can’t change. Like the
weather. So all we can do is make the best of the circumstances we do have. I’m
loving having a bit of time to think in advance of Thursday about this week’s
blog post. I’m enjoying my drink. I’m savouring the relaxedness in my bones
from a good break.

Where do you need to let it rain in your life?

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