When wounds heal, they form scars

I’m going
through a phase of journalling a lot.
This happens sometimes; I can go for weeks without opening my Moleskine
then spend a month scribbling furiously.
Right now it’s the latter.  I’ve
written before about the power of journalling, with some tips and ideas (see here and here).  This included posting a picture of a page
from my journal listing ‘Things that make me happy’.  Turns out this is one of my most popular
posts, and it has been reblogged and liked and seen by numerous strangers.  If I think about too much, it is terrifying
to realise that so many people have glimpsed so deeply into my soul – but then
that is the purpose of writing, of blogging, of sharing.  Connection is what really matters in life.

has been a major theme in my Moleskine musings over the last week or so, thus I’ve
decided to be brave again and share directly from my journal (I’m currently reading
Brené Brown’s latest book, Rising Strong,
so her previous exhortation to ‘dare greatly’ is much on my mind).  The following short passage is something that poured
out from me yesterday, all in a rush, flooding the page with not just words but
difficult memories and strong emotions too.
Yet it was amazingly cathartic to say these things to myself.  As I finished the final sentence, I felt
compelled to share these words.  Today,
that urge remains, although it makes me feel hugely vulnerable.  But perhaps that is a good sign.  If these words helped me, then maybe they can
help others too:  

“I’ve got
scars, like everyone.  I’ve been hurt and
that will always leave its imprint.  But
I’ve worked hard and dug deep to heal those wounds so that now they really are
just scars, markings in the tissue of my being that I can trace and feel but no
longer flinch when they’re touched.  They
are there and they are real but they no longer hurt.”

We all have
wounds that we would like to heal, but even when they do we continue to carry
the scars.  And we can learn to live with
them and grow with them and even thrive with them.  

If this
post helped you in thinking about your wounds, or if you think it would help
someone else, then please do share it.
Connection is what stitches those wounds back together again.

And if you
would like to connect more with me and A
Life Of One’s Own
, there’s Instagram,
Twitter, Pinterest or the A Life Of One’s Own
Facebook page
.  Starting next week, there is also The Fourth Quarter, a gentle and informal group exploration of the treasures and meanings bound up in autumn and early winter.  All the details are here.

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