‘This is my real life’ collected

Over the eight days, I’ve posted daily as part of the ‘This
is my real life’ idea that I had.  The
purpose was to share a bit more about me, what I do, what the A Life Of One’s Own vision and
philosophy is.  There have been
suggestions of things to try and prompts for reflection along the way.  

Now it’s all over, I figured it was probably useful to have
all the links gathered in one place for anyone wishing to come back to them or
for any new readers looking for an introduction to A Life Of One’s Own.  So here
they are!

28th January 2016 – introduction: This is my real life: a week of

28th January 2016: My favourite mug

29th January 2016: Why you should always carry stamps

30th January 2016: Now wash your hands

31st January 2016: Just empty the bins

1st February 2016: A Life Of
One’s Own
: philosophy & manifesto

2nd February 2016: You’re the adult now.  You get to make the rules.

3rd February 2016: Redeeming the ‘know yourself better’ personality
quiz (possibly)

4th February 2016 – conclusion: Reflections on ‘This is my real life’

Thanks for reading along with any or all of these.  Do let me know what you think – have you been
inspired or gained insight from any of the ideas and suggestions?  There’s Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or
the A Life Of One’s Own Facebook page – or you can email (rae@alifeofonesown.co.uk).

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