Tiny Wardrobe on Tour in London

Super exciting event announcement!

Many of you will know Courtney Carver and her work on
simplicity over at Be More
With Less
.  Some of you may even be
familiar with Project 333,
her minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or
less for three months.  Since she began
dressing this way herself in 2010, thousands across the world have joined in,
and the initiative has featured on The Today programme in the US as well as in O, The Oprah Magazine and on the BBC.

Courtney recently decided to take her tiny wardrobe on tour
and so, for the first time ever, she is coming to speak in London.  She’ll be talking about what she’s learnt
from dressing with 33 items or less and her experiences of simplicity more

And guess what else?

I’m hosting the event with her!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working behind the
scenes to make this happen and I am beyond thrilled to announce the details at
last.  The event takes place at 18.30 on
Monday 25th April 2016 at Friends House, Euston Road, London.  Tickets cost just £20 and are available
.  Places are limited and they’ve
begun selling already so I’d encourage you to get in quick if you are

(For readers in the States, Courtney is also visiting a
number of US cities, so contact her if you are interested in knowing more about
other Tiny Wardrobe on Tour events).

I’ll be there to introduce Courtney and chair the
Q&A.  Even if I wasn’t involved, I’d
be buying a ticket as I genuinely think it’s an event not to be missed!  It would be great to see some of you there

details again: The Tiny Wardrobe on Tour exclusive UK event – 18.30 on Monday
25th April 2016 at Friends House, London – tickets £20

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