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#experienceoctober2016 begins on Saturday 1st October!

Over the last couple of months I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the #augustbreak2016 and #breatheseptember2016 photograph challenges on Instagram.  I loved them so much that they inspired me to create my own challenge – and the idea of ‘experience October’ was born!

October is a month of enormous change.  In the northern hemisphere, the nights are drawing in and the days are getting cooler.  The world is turning and so are the leaves.  Autumn has its blaze of glory as winter begins to edge its way in.

October is also a month of festivals and celebration, from harvest to Hallowe’en.  We give thanks for a fruitful summer and leave pumpkins by the door.  It’s candles and blankets and fire; candy and toffee apples and hot soup.  It’s crafting hygge in our homes (even if we can’t get the word out of our mouths!).

October is all this and more.  There is so much to do, so much to see, so much to share – in short, so much to experience.  The purpose of #experienceoctober2016 is to provide prompts that encourage you to look around the world you inhabit and fully embrace the wonderful month that we are heading into.

It’s easy to take part – simply post your pictures and use the hashtag #experienceoctober2016 to allow others to find them.  You can also tag me, @rae_ritchie_, if you like.  You can tag and share with anyone you know who may enjoy the journey too.

You can join in every day, or only on some days, or as the mood takes you.  There are no rules, only gentle encouragement to take the time to truly experience October.



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