#WorldMentalHealthDay : A Round-up

Earlier I posted a round up of links to my own recent writings on mental health in honour of #WorldMentalHealthDay.  I’ve not been alone in sharing on this topic; all day my Twitter feed has been full of awesome links and encouraging statements.  Here is a collection of some that have caught my eye.  Even if you don’t follow up any of the others, please do watch the video in the first link – watch the video then hug your loved ones especially tight.  It provides a heartfelt but stark reminder that there’s more to mental health than public awareness days: it’s about people’s lives.

Watch this if nothing else: Jonny Gabriel on Joe.co.uk on his brother and the importance of talking

Daisy Buchanan writes for the Debrief: ‘I quit my dream job for my mental health’

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization: World Mental Health Day 2016 – Psychological First Aid

From the Guardian: ‘Mental health is not only about darkness and depression’

Also from the Guardian: ‘After the army, I had post-traumatic stress disorder.  Now I run a cafe’

The International Business Times: ‘World Mental Health Day: What are the dangers of high-functioning depression and anxiety?’

Sarah Graham writes for Refinery 29: ‘How the UK is failing women’s mental health needs’

Two sisters talk about depression & one sister’s suicide attempt

On Buzzfeed.com: ’11 things no one tells guys with depression’

On the Huffington Post: ‘World Mental Health Day: Why no woman should ever feel ashamed of suffering from postnatal depression’

On BBC3: ‘Panic attacks & how I handle them’

On Welldoing.org: ‘What’s worrying you?’

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