Sunday Suggestions

Sunday Suggestions: a round up of things to read, watch, listen to and do
Sunday Suggestions 6th November 2016 ||


Hello there & welcome to Sunday Suggestions!

This is the second post in what I am planning to be a regular series of columns appearing, funnily enough, on Sundays, with suggestions of awesome people and things to check out, read, participate in and follow.

The idea for this came, as good ideas often do, during a late night discussion with my partner in the bathroom (like so many people, we swore we’d never descend to shared bathroom usage but eighteen months on from moving in together, we regular co-use the space – and not only that, it’s where some of our best conversations happen).

There is just so much great stuff out there on the Internet, I wanted to gather some of what I’ve come across up in one place and share it with other people.  Sunday is the usually the most chilled for a lot of people, with perhaps a bit more time available to read and explore, hence Sunday Suggestions was born!

[Please note I am not an affiliate so do not gain anything from promoting these links]

Here are my suggestions on Sunday 6th November 2016:

  • Writing in last Saturday’s the Guardian Weekend magazine, Zadie Smith discussed dancers who had influenced her.  One pair were Harold and Fayard Nicholas.  I’d never heard of these brothers but when I read that ‘Fred Astaire called their routine in Stormy Weather the greatest example of cinematic dance he ever saw’, I had to check them out – and so should you!  The routine is truly phenomenal and just so uplifting.  I challenge you not to tap your feet and click you while watching this!





  • Megan Garber writing over on the Atlantic has noted a trend for women wearing improbably high heels in action films.  I don’t know if I agree entirely with her argument but the general assertion is spot on and the article has such energy and verve that I wanted to include it here.



  • Also on the beauty theme, here we see the writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talk about the changes in how she views cosmetics.  Crucially this video is part of Adichie’s new role as an ambassador for Boots No7 make up range.  This is just one example recently of an engagement between feminism and the industries of fashion and beauty.  Is this a watershed moment or just another attempt by the powers that be to co-opt the current feminist wave for their own monetary purposes?  I’m still trying to figure out my views on this but am planning on writing an article about all this at some point soon.  I’d love to hear your views – you can comment below.



If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to this week, I have a piece on The Huffington Post UK about the intertwined public memories of the recently deceased Tom Hayden and his former wife, Hollywood legend Jane Fonda.  I also wrote for about the harm that can come from choosing the wrong therapist .  Please share these articles if you feel able to, I really appreciate the support!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Suggestions

  1. Love this round up, Rae! I, too, read the Zadie Smith article and was intrigued by the Nicholas brothers. Thanks for the link – I hadn’t researched further, so I’m glad to look now. And, as someone who has never worn cosmetics, I’ve been thinking about them a lot. Will be very interested to read the articles you point out. Lots of reading and writing material there for me. Lastly, thanks for the mention of my project. I’m so pleased you’re taking part and making it your own. Here’s one little thought about ‘Present, not precious’ and make-up: I don’t wear make up, but, until this month, I have never been willing to share my writing without many, many edits and redrafts. It occurs to me that ‘Present not precious’ is a project about my writing showing up without make-up, and that feels quite exposing….


    1. Thank you for the warm words about this week’s offering Melissa! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. It’s funny because normally I probably wouldn’t follow the reference to the Nicholas brothers up but Sunday Suggestions was in the corner of my mind- I figured it could be an ideal inclusion. I’m loving that doing this is prompting me to explore & be more curious! Also glad that you’re interested in the pieces about beauty that don’t perhaps obviously affect you. I think there are some universal lessons that are caught up in the world of cosmetics, particularly around gender and entitlement. Do we deserve to simply have fun and express ourselves on our own terms? And absolutely no problem about mentioning ‘Present not precious’. It was the first thing on my list to flag up! I love your analogy with make up and understand what you mean. Just sharing such a raw piece of writing does evoke resistance!


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