Sunday Suggestions

Sunday Suggestions: a round up of things to read, watch, listen to and do
Sunday Suggestions 13th November 2016 ||

This is the third Sunday Suggestions column and I simply cannot ignore the US election in today’s round up.  As always, you can rely on the Pool to provide some thoughtful, reflective reading on the subject:

A response about Trump’s victory from one of their regular writers who is also a New York voter

Gaby Hinsliff writes about the election and the crumbs of comfort that we have to hold on to

I found this, Sali Hughes, again on the Pool, sharing both serious and less so good things about 2016 (even she admits it’s hard to do so), useful reading that lifted my mood slightly after sharing my lament for the world as my blog post on Thursday

From other sources:

Here’s the reaction of an American living in London as appeared on Refinery 29

My friend Anna Kunnecke wrote this moving piece about what the result demands of us once we have finished mourning for what has passed

Likewise over on the Yes and Yes blog there’s a list of ‘real, actionable things we can do about Trump’ – some really good practical suggestions that can help us to feel like we’re at least trying to do something

And because I’m sure you’re like me and are desperate for a glimmer of laughter and amusement in these dark days, I had to include one of the greatest and most joyous viral videos of all time – even if you’ve seen it one hundred times before, please watch it again: Jessica’s daily affirmations.  We all need her sass and her strut right now.





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