Sunday Suggestions 20th November 2016

Sunday Suggestions: a round up of things to read, watch, listen to and do
Sunday Suggestions 20th November 2016 ||

In the three weeks that I’ve started putting these ‘Sunday Suggestions’ columns together, I’ve noticed that themes will naturally emerge.  Sometimes I’ll just happen to spot several items about one specific subject; others will feed into a topic that’s on my mind anyway.  Examples of both feature in this week’s list of things to read, watch, join and do.

First up are two harrowing accounts of rape.  I’ve wondered long and hard about whether to post these but despite the difficult subject matter, this is not something we can shy away from.  Rape and sexual assault are real and prevalent issues for all of us, and perhaps never more so than in the wake of comments made by the US President Elect.  I applaud and admire these two women for speaking out about their experiences:

Anna Lovind: Break the silence sisters, your story matters

The uncomfortable truth about my rape & why I’m coming forward now

On a similar but not quite the same note, I came late to seeing this article by Monica Lewinsky about being a Hallowe’en costume.  If you haven’t heard or read anything by Ms Lewinsky in recent years then I’d definitely encourage you to check out these links.  I’ve found it humbling to learn about how she dealt with the shame and vitriol directed towards her.  Twenty years on from the scandal that made her (in)famous, I also find it significant to remember that she was a 23 year old intern while Clinton was a far older and far more powerful figure.  As with the two links above, power dynamics have a considerable role to play in sexual relations whether seemingly consensual or not.

Monica Lewinsky: What it’s like to become a Hallowe’en costume

Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk: The price of shame

Speaking of power, I’ve also stumbled across two examples this week of attempts to challenge the gender status quo.  One of these is on an individual level, the other trying to initiate awareness through the medium of fashion and social media – the latter you can join in with on 25th November (next Friday) by wearing orange and sharing on your networks.

Refinery 29: Nine women on why they shaved their heads

UN Orange Label Project: Fashion says no to violence against women

And finally, for something completely different, I wanted to mention podcasts.  I am *really* late to the game with this!  It’s only in recent months that I’ve started to listen to all the amazing recorded material that is out but like so many others now I’m hooked.

I’m currently working my way through the back catalogue of Happier with Gretchen Rubin.  For some reason I can’t bring myself to just listen to the most recent – I want to hear them all – so Rubin’s tips and advice on how to live a happier life accompany me whilst I get ready every morning.

On holiday at the end of September, I binged another great series: Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert.  These gems are all interviews about creativity, inspired by Gilbert’s brilliant Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  If you are even vaguely interested in the subject then listen to these!  I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Each one is so inspiring.

And if you are interested in creativity, its magic and how you can get more of it, then you might want to sign up to my newsletter.  Following requests from my readers, this monthly mailing will from this month onward contain a creativity tip for you to try out.  Because I’m so excited about this new feature, and have been researching lots of ideas, November’s issue will have a bumper round up of suggestions for you to try!  Sign up over here if you’d like to receive it.




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