Tuesday Reviews Day 29th November 2016: This season’s top 5 compliment grabbers

I’ve long been particular about my style and appearance.  As an early teen I remember scouring several branches of Topshop to find the belted cardigan that most resembled the one featured on the Calvin Klein catwalk (and then getting hacked off when other stores started stocking similar ones too).  Around the same time, I saved my pocket money until I could afford to go to the big department store in a nearby city to buy the just released Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat and was super chuffed when the sales assistant gave me a load of extra samples too.

Now I’m a freelance writer with an interest in fashion and beauty, I spend even more time thinking about and researching lovely things.  When I write about articles, I try to place them in their broader context and discuss their significance and meaning too.  I don’t want my work to read like a fluffed up press releases.  That said, it seems daft for me to not find a way to simply and quickly share some of the products I come across in the line of work and pleasure if I think other people might like them.

As a result, I’ve decided to introduce ‘Tuesday Reviews Day’ to my blog.  Each week’s listicle will will feature a handful of products, ranging from bargain beauty buys to best biscuits (I’m lining up a festive special on that one already!).  I’m not an affiliate so I don’t stand to gain from recommending anything that I include – every item listed is genuinely something that I think warrants a shout out.

I hope that you find this new feature both a fit of fun and useful too.  Let me know if your thoughts on what I’ve included and whether you’ve been tempted to try any!

First up, we have the five items I’ve been most complimented on this season.

Boden leopard print boots || raeritchie.com

Leopard print seems to be everywhere at the moment, which usually puts me off something.  I also usually avoid pattern, preferring plain colour.  Yet despite these two provisos, I couldn’t resist these leopard print boots from Boden.  Turns out they are popular with others too; barely a day goes by when someone doesn’t comment favourably on them. They are from the Boden children’s range but they go up to a size 42 (UK 7.5, US 8.5) so they’d fit most grown women as well.



Green Boden dress || Tuesday Reviews Day 29-11-2016 || raeritchie.com
Green Boden dress || rae ritchie

Also from Boden this season is my gorgeous green dress.  This has been a wash-and-wear favourite since the weather turned cold enough for its thick fabric.  Its stretchy material keeps its shape and doesn’t crease even after several hours in the car or on a train (you can just about get away with not ironing it either, although I tend to run one over it anyway).  Again this has garnered lots of compliments.  This may be because I’m wearing it so often but even so that just reinforces what a great dress this is!


Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Damned || Tuesday Reviews Day 29-11-2016 || raeirtchie.com
Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Damned || raeritchie.com

This burgundy shade is a great match with the green dress so has been getting lots of wear too.  I was inspired to get this after watching Candice and her perfect pout on the Great British Bake-Off and love the dramatic but not too dark colour.  Because it’s a pencil, and a matte one at that, it gives great coverage and it doesn’t easily slip.  I’ve not found it to be quite as long lasting as other Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils that I’ve tried but it still lasts pretty well through eating and certainly drinking.




Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Damned || Tuesday Reviews Day 29-11-2016 || raeritchie.com    Kevyn Aucion The Matte Lip Colour in Eternal || Tuesday Reviews Day 29-11-2016 || raeritchie.com

Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Colour in Eternal || Tuesday Reviews Day || raeritchie.com
Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Colour in Eternal || raeritchie.com

I’ve been using this for a while – I initially tried it when I wanted a matte red like Nars Dragon Girl but had got fed up with having to keep sharpening the pencil.  Women in all sorts of situations continue to ask me what it is and I’m always happy to recommend it as it isn’t a brand that you are likely to just stumble across.  At £26 it isn’t cheap but the pigment is great – you can put it on first thing and not worry about touching it up until dinner.


Ikea Förenkla Red Back Pack || Tuesday Reviews Day 29-11-2016 || raeritchie.com
Ikea Förenkla Red Back Pack || raeritchie.comThe


[NB Boss Lady badge didn’t come with the bag, this was a gift from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes]

I love this bag!  It’s a good size – it can take everything I need for a day’s work, including my laptop, but it doesn’t look daft if it’s not full either.  There’s an internal divide as well as two side pockets and a large front one.  Like everything Ikea, the design is plain and simple but the colour is fab and I for one like the totally plain outer.  Lots of people have asked where it’s from and saying Ikea feels like we’re all in on a big secret.  Who knew they did such good bags?  Of course well priced as well; this design comes in a range of sizes, mine is the largest and costs £25.




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