Sunday Suggestions: 18th December 2016

Sunday Suggestions: a weekly round up of things to read, watch & listen to on a specially curated Pinterest board
Sunday Suggestions 18th December 2016 ||

Welcome back to my regular series with suggestions of awesome people and things to check out, read, participate in and follow.

Following up on last week’s featured piece on Last Tango in Paris, there are links to a report on the scandals surrounding old Hollywood stars and an article on the way black women are perceived.

There are also two links about design and a podcast about creativity.

Finally, I leave you with a heart-warming (and tear-jerking!) piece ahead of Christmas and my favourite Christmas song – it’s not as comedic as the usual final videos but the song is still pretty funny.

‘The Last Tango in Paris Rape Scene Is Just One of Hollywood’s Many Scandals’

Danielle Dash ‘Gifty and the Faux Fear of Black Women’

BBC Artsnight ‘The Brits Who Designed the Modern World’

Catharine Rossi ‘The underappreciated art of nightclub design, and why clubs are worth fighting for’

Recapture Self with Beryl Ayn Young ‘Creative Magic: A Conversation with Susannah Conway’

Bournemouth Daily Echo ‘Community searching for a child who sent dead dad a Christmas letter by balloon’

And finally… I guess this is a bit of a tear-jerker too: Tim Minchin ‘White Wine in the Sun’

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