End of the year review: my posts of 2016

End of the year review: my posts of 2016 || raeritchie.com

I hope you won’t think it’s egotistical of me, but this week I’ve decided to recommend ten of my blog posts from 2016.  I guess it fits with all the other annual round ups that will start swirling around the media in the next few days: quick, Christmas is over so get on to New Year themed content!

I’ve named this posts of the year although really it is just a random selection of examples which either I like or that seemed to resonate with readers at the time of publication; there’s no specific criteria for their selection.

I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve listed.  If you like them, or if indeed you like this post, then please do share on social media via the buttons below each entry.  It makes a big difference, it really does!  And I’d love to hear if you had a favourite post which I haven’t selected – do tell me.

2nd February 2016 || You’re the adult now.  You get to make the rules [this post originally featured as part of the ‘This is my real life’ week of posts that appeared on my old site, A Life Of One’s Own.  However it also reads as a standalone piece].

11th February 2016 || Sobriety (on the) rocks

12th May 2016 || ‘The walls we build to protect ourselves become our prisons’ Sally Brampton

2nd August 2016 || The bottle or the blade

15th September 2016 || Having fun with fashion [this is where I mention the fashion philosophy that I’m developing]

22nd September 2016 || A letter to my eighteen year old self at the start of the university year

3rd November 2016 || Slip(pers) on a new identity: challenging myself with a different style

17th November 2016 || Nuneaton, or learning to love where you live

15th December 2016 || Those unforgettable moments: Communion with friends

20th December 2016 || New names for the new year [in this post I begin to develop the fashion philosophy that I first discuss in ‘Having fun with fashion’].

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