Dry January: a round up of writing on alcohol and sobriety

Dry January: a round up of writing on alcohol and sobriety || raeritchie.com

As I mentioned in my post on Thursday, I am dedicating much of my blog in January to discussing alcohol – or more accurately, lack of alcohol.  I’ve been sober for over two years now & I want to use my experiences to help others who are trying to cut back or give up, whether for the month or for good.

This post is a round-up of discussions of Dry January and drinking that I’ve stumbled across elsewhere.  I hope that you find this useful, interesting and, in some cases, entertaining.  As always, please do share this post widely – it does really help to get it out there!

Last week, I featured Sas Petherick as one of the women whose work has changed my life.  She is back this week because her reflection on sobriety is the most moving and beautiful thing I’ve read this week.  She inspired me to give up drinking and I’m sure her account will help others as well: Fun Bobby was wrong: the unexpected lightness of being five years sober

Not quite as long but still making it to twelve months: a post from Refinery 29 sharing four women’s experiences of going sober for a year

A post from Tommy Rosen, whose career focuses on helping people recover from addiction, discussing how being alcohol free isn’t simply a neutral stance – it is in fact a strength.  Like Sas, Rosen considers sobriety as a kind of freedom and I have to say I agree: Not Drinking – The Superpower

From the Pool last year, Marisa Bates’ account of what she learnt from doing Dry January

Laura Willoughby, founder of Club Soda, a movement to support and encourage being sober, writes for The Huffington Post about a cultural shift towards mindful drinking.  Her piece also includes some suggestions for doing Dry January, some of which I’m glad to say overlap with my top twelve tips.

A dissenting voice, although one that perhaps isn’t as contrary as first appears once you read on: in the Indpendent, Kate Taylor argues that Dry January isn’t a good idea and instead suggesting that we would be better off instituting two alcohol free days each week for the entire year.

And finally, a bit of fun as discussions of sobriety can – often rightly – be a bit serious: Buzzfeed (who else?) provides a caricature of the different categories of Dry January participants.  If you’re taking part, which are you?

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