Interview with Courtney Carver, of Be More With Less & Project 333, on making sustainable changes

Rae Ritchie interviews Courtney Carver ( & Project 333) on making sustainable changes ||
Courtney & I previously worked together to host the London leg of her 2016 Tiny Wardrobe Tour

Last Thursday, I was privileged enough to spend some time interviewing Courtney Carver.  Courtney is well known the world over for sharing her journey to minimalism on her blog,, and also for masterminding the Project 333 wardrobe challenge.  We’d arranged to talk back in the autumn as I knew she’d have some wise words to share about making long term and sustainable changes.  It’s an apt conversation for this time of year as by late January many of us are despairing about our seeming inability to alter our behaviour and habits.  Courtney has plenty of reassuring and practical advice if that’s you!

Our conversation is a great counterpoint to the one I had last week with Helen Rusell of Leap Year and The Year of Living Danishly so if you haven’t already listened to that then head over and catch up!  It’s been a huge honour to interview two such inspiring women but a challenge too, particularly with the technicalities of getting a decent quality audio.  In today’s recording, Courtney’s voice is super clear but I’m accompanied by a bit of a fuzz.  Apologies for this although it’s really her that you’ll be wanting to listen to anyway!

Dropbox: Rae Ritchie interviews Courtney Carver

Things that we mention:

‘Your clothes know your secrets and they’re shouting them to the world’ does indeed come from friend and coach Anna Kunnecke

Gary Keller & Jay Papasan The One Thing 

Courtney’s post ‘Seven Perks of a Minimalist Wardrobe’


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