Inspiration from the past & present: Sunday Suggestions 05-02-2017


Inspiration from the past & present || Sunday Suggestions 05-02-2017: a round up of things to read, watch, listen to and do ||

Last Sunday I went to see Jackie at the pictures.  It. Was. Amazing.  Left with my mind spinning about the subject of women and power but longer term it’s the film’s style that will probably stick most with me.  The outfits are divine (they have to get the Oscar for costume), as is the set – notably the recreation of the White House in the early sixties.  This Vanity Fair article features the movie’s set decorator, Veronique Merley, who talks about how they achieved this feat.

As the film deftly shows, Jackie O definitely knew the power of image, including the image that she projected as FLOTUS (I wonder what she would have made of that abbreviation?).  Clothes were integral to the Kennedy vision.  Others, including many contemporaries of JFK, recognised this too.  Marjon Carlos wrote this piece for US Vogue about the importance of dress for women in the Civil Rights Movement, going from Rosa Parks to Angela Davis, Nina Simone to Maya Angelou.  

The Civil Rights Movement also features in an interesting, and challenging, long form article in Vanity Fair about Emmett Till, whose murder in 1955 sparked outrage and attracted more support for black civil disobedience.  Sheila Weller interviewsTimothy Tyson, who tracked down the white woman that Till supposedly attacked.

Some of these great Civil Rights activists must be turning in their grave if they could see what was happening in the US today.  It seems that American society is growing ever more divided, with the fault line often running along racial differences.  However the recent protests are a reminder that there is still some hope out there.  Likewise this story, although a seemingly small the gesture, encouraged me to retain hope: a Manchester mum and her two boys covered anti-homeless spikes with cushions. The power of small actions exemplified.

I also want to finish this weekly round up with another example of hope – and the power that we have to do good things.  The video features Lionel Messi, world class footballing legend at Barcelona, and his biggest fan – a young boy from Afghanistan called Murtaza Ahmadi.  For 2.46 minutes, push aside any opinions you have about football (soccer) and focus on Murtaza’s delight and the heartfelt treatment he received.  You may want tissues near by….

Because we all need to feel hope.

Messi & Murtaza

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