See you soon…

Hello there!

I’m taking a step back from my blog for a few weeks.  As those of you who follow my blog and social media know, I’ve been on an at times very painful mental health journey over the last year.  I am now, under medical supervision, going cold turkey on some of the medication that I’ve been taking.  This, as I’m sure you can imagine, is taking its toll both physically and mentally.

Even though I love my work, and indeed writing helps to keep me stable and sane, I need to take the pressure of deadlines and blog schedules off myself for a few weeks while I heal.  This means that I’m unlikely to be posting here until early March.  I’ll be dipping in and out of social media as I feel able, so please do come and say hello to me there (there are links in the sidebar) as I’d appreciate some company while I do what I can for the rest of this month.

With love,

Rae x


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