Long Weekend Reading

Long Weekend Reading: some Bank Holiday article suggestions ideas & some beautiful buys too
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Hello all!  An especially warm welcome to the new readers who’ve come over from Midlands Minimalist.  Good to have you here!

How’s your long weekend going?  Been up to much?  It seems that pretty much everyone I know is having a quiet one; aside from a few friends who’ve gone on holiday, there’s lots of talk of gardens and family meals and switching off alarm clocks.

This has certainly been the rhythm of my weekend so far.  It’s now 4pm on Sunday afternoon and I’ve been mainly occupied with eating and sleeping.  In that order.

I’ve also been doing some gentle reading.  While flicking through the pages of a couple of magazines, I’ve been thrilled to spot some good recommendations for the conscious consumer.  There’s definitely a movement towards greater mindfulness around what we buy – something that we’ve seen for a few years in food but is spreading into other areas too.

Long Weekend Reading: Bank Holiday article suggestions & some gorgeous bits to buy
From the Guardian Weekend

In the Guardian Weekend supplement, I was less interested in the article on one hundred men’s relationships with their penises (including a photo collage) than Sali Hughes’ review of high street eye shadow palettes.  The three featured were all cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous new nudes (again, not the naked men but in terms of eye shadow) then check out Hughes’ choices:

Elf Eye Shadow Palette, £7.50

Nip + Fab Sculpted Eye Palette, £10.95

Basic Moment Eye Palette, £17.50  (I can only find this product online for £18)

Long Weekend Reading: some Bank Holiday article suggestions ideas & some beautiful buys too
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside… or in my garden :: FSC certified deckchair frames from John Lewis, £34

If the recent good weather has got you searching for some new outdoor furniture, I spied some FSC certified eucalyptus deckchair frames in the John Lewis Edition summer issue.  They are £34 each and you can select a fabric sling for an additional £9.

Initially I was drawn to the gorgeous old school style: ethics don’t have to mean compromising aesthetics.   

Long Weekend Reading: Bank Holiday article suggestions & beautiful items to buy
Leon bamboo pot

Also beautifully designed is the bamboo lunch pot (£16) that appears a few pages later.  Made by food brand Leon, the bamboo is biodegradable, sustainable and naturally anti-microbial.

The red box would look fab at any picnic or, more likely, perk up lunch at your desk when it starts raining again!

There are many other amazing ethical, eco and sustainable brands that you can buy from listed in my blog post last week, where I offer a round up of the companies that I met at a recent trade exhibition.

If you too are looking for some reading over the long weekend then as well as last week’s post, you might want to check out the other pieces I’ve had published recently.  There’s been a little spate, covering more on conscious consumption along with a critical analysis of hair  and my response to the dreadful Manchester attack.

My most recent contribution to Welldoing.org :: Managing mental health: the small things make all the difference

For The Revival Collective :: Organic beauty and well-being week: a two-step approach to becoming a more conscious beauty buyer

A guest post for Midlands Minimalist :: One spare tube of toothpaste: five toiletry & makeup minimalist tips from a beauty writer

My latest column for Mental Health Today :: How do we maintain emotional stability in the face of tragedy?

For the Londnr magazine :: Beneath the Barnet: the cultural significance of hair

On raeritchie.com :: What can I do?  One step towards ethical and sustainable beauty

On raeritchie.com :: Eco, ethical and sustainable beauty brands to buy: ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’

Tip off regarding the next blog post: it’ll include a special giveaway!  I’m very excited about this!  

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Thank you for reading.

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