My top three tools of the beauty trade – & you can win them!

My top 3 tools of the beauty trade - & you can win them!

Confession time: despite writing in a guest blog post for Midlands Minimalist last week about the ‘one in, one out, one spare’ rule for toiletries and makeup, I have started stockpiling Shu Uemura eyelash curlers.

In my defence, parent company L’Oreal announced at the end of April that they were withdrawing the Japanese beauty brand from the UK and already the products are vanishing.  In a panic about losing access to what are universally regarded as the best lash curlers on the market, I felt compelled to hoard.

My top three tools of the beauty trade - & you can win them!
I keep my spare pads in an old gramophone needles tin

I think I’ll probably now be okay until at least my next birthday ending in a zero.

Each pair lasts for ages.  They come with a replacement pad and regular replacement pads fit too.  I’m only on my second set in what must over a decade of use.  How many mascaras have I got through in the same time?

This longevity is a key factor in why I love eyelash curlers, specifically the Shu Uemura ones, so much.  Plus they really make a difference even if you use them alone, as I do 99 percent of the time as I get a monthly eyelash tint.

My top three tools of the beauty trade - & you can win them!

Using curlers drastically reduces the amount of other eye makeup that I buy and use, which is important to me.  There’s little point in committing to feature eco, ethical and sustainable brands from the world of fashion and beauty in my work if I’m not careful and considered in my own use of resources.

Eyelash curlers are one of several long-lasting tools that I use in lieu of a product with a shorter shelf life.



The other two that top my favourites list are:

Exfoliating gloves

My top three tools of the beauty trade - & you can win them!
Exfoliating gloves, £3

Thanks to Danielle the beautician for this tip, which she passed on as a solution to ingrown hairs (possibly TMI).

Rather than rubbing yourself down with a pot of body scrub or even a currently popular dry body brush, exchange your sponge or puff for a long lasting textured glove (£3.00 from Boots).  You save time and effort by exfoliating while you wash.  The floor of your shower isn’t left covered with slippery grit.

Plus you get to channel your inner Michael Jackson by prancing round with one white glove on!

Bonus tip: make sure you buy exfoliating glove rather than just a body wash one as the latter aren’t rough enough to slough your skin.

 360 foot file

My top three tools of the beauty trade - & you can win them!
360 Foot File, £5.49

A friend bought me one of these last summer, which sounds like a weird gift now I’ve written it down!

Anyhow, I’ve tried a lot of creams and gadgets for hard skin on the feet over the years but none have been as effective as this spongy scrubber (£5.49 also at Boots).  I use it at the end of my shower each day.  It even works better than the classic pumice stone and has a satisfying squishiness.


I love these products so much that I wanted to share them with you too, so I’m offering a special giveaway! 

You can win a set of my three favourite tools (Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, a pair of exfoliating gloves and a 360 foot file).

All you have to do is share your favourite article by me, either from my blog or elsewhere, on social media and tag me so that I see it (you can find a collected list of my other writing over here).

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday 7th June at 18.00 BST.

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