Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me || raeritchie.com

Having spent last week sharing about the lovely folks I met on the #EcoTrail at the Home and Gift Buyers’ Festival, I thought I’d share a little about myself too.  Some of you readers I know personally, but many I do not, so hopefully this will provide a light-hearted insight into the woman behind the words and pictures.

The list covers the personal, professional and peculiar.  Which of these is new to you?  What would you put if you created something similar?  Let me know by commenting below or on social media.  I’d love to learn more about you too!

  1. I’m thirty five (and hence my #35at35quest).
  2. I live in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK. I grew up here, vowed to move away as soon as I could – then found myself coming back some years later!
  3. I’m left handed but have mastered being very discreet in swapping my cutlery over in restaurants.
  4. I have a large mole on the bottom of my right foot. This is an unusual place to have a one due to the pigment of the sole.
  5. I’ve represented Great Britain. At talking.  Really!  1999 in the European Youth Parliament.  The photograph at the top shows me with my sixth form teammates; I’m the second in from the right.
  6. I have a PhD in History. You can even read it here if you’re interested.
  7. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since 28th December 2014. Sometimes I write about this, both on my blog and elsewhere.  Going sober is up there with becoming a freelance writer as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  8. I’m a geek. I get obsessed and excited about a wide range of bizarre topics.  I once spent a holiday in Disney World memorising the fifty states of America in alphabetical order.  I even got to make use of my nerdish propensities recently writing an article for teens about keep their brain going over the long summer holidays – I became so enthusiastic that I *almost* wished I was doing GCSEs again!
  9. I have a mailing list. You can sign up to get a monthly letter about my freelancing adventures, what I’ve learnt and the amazing makers & creators that I met.
  10. I don’t like meat flavoured crisps. They remind me of an ex-boyfriend.


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