Because it’s almost September & I haven’t mentioned AW17 clothing yet 


Because it's almost September & I haven't mentioned AW17 clothing yet --

*Ignore the creases, we’d been experimenting with styling it – from washerwoman to Stevie Nicks*

It feels very remiss of me to have got as far as the last week in August without a mention of new season clothing. I’m definitely a buy-my-winter-coat when they land in stores, even if everyone around me is looking for bikinis.

I once made myself sick by keeping the wool number I was trying on for too long during a heat wave. True story.

This year I feel a bit behind schedule. I haven’t even planned a single purchase yet. I don’t buy a lot for ethical & minimalism reasons but still like to strategise (yes I take it that seriously!). Maybe I’m now spending so much time thinking & writing about fashion that attention to my own wardrobe is slipping. Talk about first world problems!


Anyhow today I felt the tide turn. Despite summer weather returning with avengenance, during an emergency dash into Marks & Spencer for an last minute swimsuit, my brain switched over. I wanted shirts & knitwear – although that may have been down to the trauma of squeezing my now rather plump bod into a writhing piece of lycra.

The environmental and human impact of fast fashion and our love of the high street is well documented and I’m no apologist for any of the big retailers.

That said, M&S scored among the highest of 200 well known brands in the most recent Fashion Revolution survey of transparency. This doesn’t equate to an endorsement, but I do bear this in mind when a visit to the high street is essential. Like when you discover you need a swimming costume fifteen hours before leaving for your holiday. On a Sunday evening.

My partner’s sister accompanied me on the emergency swimsuit dash and while I had to stay focused (picking up two shirts then abandoning them to concentrate on day glo tubes of material), she had freedom to roam. She picked up a few silk scarves and this one I had to share because it’s gorgeous and totally ticks the winter floral trend box for the new season (more about my thoughts on the fashion industry, trends and seasons coming soon!).

At £9.50, it’s wearable while the sun continues to shine and will be a sure favourite as the green leaves turn to gold too.

*If you’d like to see more of my autumn/winter style inspiration, follow my dedicated Pinterest board*

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