Heaven Vintage’s Fab Fill A Bag vintage fashion sales: a new way to buy vintage clothes

Heaven Vintage's Fab Fill A Bag vintage fashion sales: a new way to buy vintage clothes || raeritchie.com

Please note that this post has been sponsored by Heaven Vintage – but all views & enthusiasm are my own! 

Browsing a vintage fashion sale always sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday morning to me, but especially so when I heard that Coventry’s FarGo Village favourites Heaven Vintage had created a new way to shop with their ‘Fab Fill A Bag’ events!  Fuelled by a lovely filter coffee from The Big Comfy Bookshop, I headed into FarGo’s central atrium to find out more.

We’re all familiar with the usual ways to pay for vintage clothes.  Mostly items are individually priced, but there are also sales where customers pay according to weight – typically £15 upwards for a kilo of clothing and accessories, sometimes with an admission fee on top.

However Heaven’s ‘Fab Fill A Bag’ events are different.  With their unique concept, you shop the racks and rails full of vintage fashion then take what you want for bagging up.  Whatever fits in one bag, you get for £10.  Want more vintage clothes and accessoires?  Fill another bag for £10.

It’s that simple: a tenner for a bag full of whatever vintage fashion you choose.

Not only is it simple, it’s great value!  If your friend chooses all lightweight blouses but you want a beaded dress and a leather jacket, you’re not penalised as you would be at a pay-per-kilo sale where the heaviest items cost the most.

Two customers rummage through the vintage fashion at Heaven Vintage's Fab Fill A Bag sale
What might we find?


Whatever vintage clothes you fill your bag with, you will be getting a good deal. 

Well folded and rolled, you can squeeze a deceptive amount into the clear plastic bags that they provide (sized 39 x 45 in the summer and 56 x 45cm in the winter).  You can leave with at least a couple of outfits for the price of one or two cheap items off the high street as well as knowing that that you’re doing your bit for the environment by doing some super cool clothes recycling.

The weight of the bag I filled?  1.75 kg.  That would have cost *at least* £26 at a kilo sale.

Instead it cost £10, and I could have got even more goodies in it if I’d wanted to.  (You can also win the edit that I selected; check out my Instagram for more info on how!).

Literally a treasure chest filled with vintage silk scarves
Literally a treasure chest!

There are other reasons for loving the ‘Fab Fill A Bag’ events too.  There’s the thrill of uncovering a hidden gem that comes with their deliberately jumble sale vibe.  Heaven Vintage owner Angela grew up rummaging around in church halls for treasure and that’s the feeling that she wanted her customers here to experience.

Angela’s presence at the end of the tables is another plus point.  She knows her Adidas from her Zandra Rhodes so go chat to her about what you’re looking for – there’s none of the too-cool-for-school vibe that pervades some vintage emporiums.  On the contrary, ‘Fab Fill A Bag’ has a refreshingly friendly atmosphere.

I chatted to first time visitors (including a mother and daughter from Minnesota in the States!) as well as Heaven regulars.  Monthly customer Susie told me that she loved coming because it allows you to dress a bit wacky.  She is totally right.

Because of the low prices, you’re not afraid to experiment with items that you perhaps wouldn’t normally try.

This is true for vintage connoisseurs as much as complete newbies to the scene.  Alongside some new branded and high street goods (I saw several unworn ASOS dresses, complete with original tags), there are retro classics including cut-offs, plaid shirts and wax jackets.


This vintage fashion sale stocks plenty of vintage clothing classics such as the cut offs on this table
Vintage fashion classics, from cut offs to plaid shirts

The huge range of different styles represented on the hangers covers various decades and offers something for all tastes.

There’s everything from classic British labels to US imports to rarer European brands.


Two happy customers with a bag of vintage clothes leaving the Fab Fill A Bag vintage fashion sale
Happy customers!

You’re bound to find at least one piece, no doubt more, that makes your heart go a-flutter.  Several days later, I’m still slightly gutted that I missed out on an amethyst Liz Claiborne edge-to-edge wool coat.  Damn that Susie!  I’ll be sharpening my elbows when I see her at the next one 🙂

Don’t forget you can win my edit from this sale!  Check out my Instagram for all the details.

The next Fab-Fill-A-Bag sale is Saturday 16th September (11am to 4pm) and Sunday 17th September (11am to 3pm) at FarGo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5ED.  For more information, check out Heaven Vintage’s Facebook page.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this, what a great idea! I wish we had some similar vintage sales closer to us, it would be great to visit with my friends and my daughter.

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