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I’m a freelance writer, editor, speaker and researcher based in the UK. I specialise in sustainability and ethical issues and have written widely about both topics. How can we all live and work in ways that better support people and planet? It’s my goal to help find answers to this challenging – and increasingly pressing – question.

Much of my work has focused on individual behaviour and action but I’m also interested in the need for broader social and corporate change, for example, what role can smart cities play in addressing the global climate emergency while improving quality of life for residents?

My writing on these and other topics, including sobriety, mental health and our national obsession with quizzing, has appeared in a variety of print and digital publications. These include the Guardian, Grazia, stylist.co.uk, VitalityIn The Moment, Planet Mindful and Huff Post. I’ve been a regular contributor to Welldoing.org, Mental Health Today, Betty and The Ethicalist too.

I have also written for a range of commercial clients across the business and consumer sectors.

I began my editing career with European Review of History. Since a happy decade on that journal, I’ve worked on a number of other publications including as commercial editor of Director, the magazine of the Institute of Directors. Most recently, I served as digital editor and deputy editor of I – Global intelligence for the CIO, providing thought leadership and insight into best practice for the world’s leading IT decision-makers.

The third prong to my work is as a speaker. I’ve made regular appearances as a guest and newspaper reviewer on BBC local radio as well as been on the official list of W.I. speakers. I’ve also hosted numerous online and in-person events such as roundtable discussions, conferences and webinars.

As well as this, I offer research services, drawing on the skills and expertise I developed during my time as an academic historian. My research then focused on women’s magazines, fashion, beauty and the home and I taught women’s and gender history, US history and British history from 1780 to undergraduates. I also wrote articles and book chapters, did lots of editing of books and journals and produced a 90,000 word PhD thesis entitled ‘The Housewife and The Modern: The Home and Appearance in Women’s Magazines, 1954-1969’, which you can freely read here if it takes your fancy!

If you’re interested in my writing, editing, speaker or researcher services, please send an email to rae@raeritchie.com.

To receive regular updates about what I’ve been up to, sign up to my “Turning the dial: moving towards a more ethical life” newsletter. You can also connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

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