Advent Adventure Christmas Cards

Images: Alice Roche, text: Rae Ritchie Designed, written & printed locally   –  shared internationally

Early order offer available until Monday 7th November – see below for details

What are Advent Adventure Christmas Cards?

The purpose of these Advent Adventure Christmas cards is to encourage people to engage with the festive season in simple joyful ways.  It is all too easy for December to become a time where we feel over-burdened with ever expanding to-do lists and credit card bills.  The Advent Adventure Christmas cards are an antidote to busyness and commercialism, designed to foster connection with family, friends and the world around us.  Each card features a prompt intended to make the final month of the year one to savour and enjoy, if only for a few minutes each day.

The images were created by the illustrator Alice Roche, the text by writer Rae Ritchie.


What do I do with Advent Adventure Christmas Cards?

The cards can be used in two ways.

Firstly, you can buy a pack to use as a guided adventure through advent, responding to one prompt each day (either following the cards in order or drawing a random one every morning).

Secondly, you can buy a pack (or several!) to use a fun alternative to standard holiday cards.  There is space on the rear of each card to write a personalized message to the recipient.  The cards are not assigned to a specific day or date therefore they can be sent any time during the run up to 25th December.

Of course you can make the most of both options by buying two or more packs!

Advent Adventure explanation.jpg

How much do Advent Adventure Christmas Cards cost?


For orders placed before Monday 7th November, each pack of cards costs just £10

(around €11, $12, ¥1250).

Each pack costs £12 each (approximately €13, $15, ¥1500) plus postage.  See below for the national and international postage rates as well as final order dates.

We will combine postage on multiple purchases.

Envelopes are not included but can be purchased for an additional £1 per pack.

Early orders placed in time to receive the £10 per pack offer will be posted by Friday 11th November at the very latest.

For all enquiries, email


How do I order Advent Adventure Christmas Cards?

To order, also email; you will receive an invoice with payment instructions within 24 hours.  Please include the following information in your message:


Number of Advent Adventure Christmas Cards packs required

Number of packs of envelopes required

Delivery address (if you wish for any packs to be sent as a gift, please state this clearly and include the recipient’s delivery address as well as your own).


What are the final dates for ordering Advent Adventure Christmas Cards?

Final order dates are as follows, but please note that we recommend that you order ahead of these deadlines in order to ensure timely dispatch and delivery:

Monday 21st November: for delivery to Africa and Middle East

Wednesday 23rd November: for delivery to Cyprus, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia); Caribbean, South and Central America; Greece, Australia and New Zealand

Wednesday 30th November: for delivery to Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland; Canada, Finland, Sweden and the USA; Austria, Denmark, Iceland and the Netherlands; Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland; Belgium, France and Luxembourg

Friday 9th December: for delivery to UK addresses


What are the postage rates for Advent Adventure Christmas Cards?

Please note that we will combine postage on multiple purchases.  The cost of postage is based on weight.  To convert the cost into your own currency, please visit for a guide to exchange rates.

Number of packs U.K. Europe World Zone 1* World Zone 2**
1 £3.35 £4.05 £5.10 £5.55
2 £5.60 £7.80 £8.55
4 £6.95 £10.40 £11.25
6 £5.70 £8.35 £13.05 £14.00
8 £8.95 £9.60 £14.68 £15.80
10 £10.95 £16.35 £17.70

* World Zone 1: Africa, Asia, North America, South America

** World Zone 2: Australia and New Zealand