Experience October Blog Roll

Over the course of #experienceoctober2016, a lovely and supportive community flourished.  Not only were there gorgeous and imaginative images, but people also shared openly and often deeply – and others responded in kind.  I know I’m not alone in having made some new IG friends this month.

To take this sense of community once step further, here is a blog roll listing those folks who wanted to share their site with the #experienceoctober2016 community.  If you’re not listed but would like to be added, just email me at rae@raeritchie.com.

Alicia Bockel (@alicia.bockelaliciabockel.com

Carla van Sliusdam (@ktdcarla)  Kitchen Table Diary

Claire HM (@claireyloveclaireylove

Jennifer (@thenomadicnesterThe Nomadic Nester

Rae Ritchie (@rae_ritchie_) raeritchie.com

Shalagh Hogan (@shalaghhoganshavlee.com

Shannon Faris-Parnell (@sfp4584)

Sharon (Gigi) (@gigisharong)

Sharon Wharton (@sharon_whartonA Resilient Life