Can you bake?


Welcome to the Advent Adventure Christmas cards page with festive recipes for you to try.  As well as seasonal classics, we’ve included a super simple almond cake recipe that is ideal if you’re a bit nervous about baking – it’s really easy and tastes amazing all year round.

[Huge thanks to our friends Jayde & Peg for supplying so many tried-and-tested recipes for this page!]

Brandy Snaps

Chocolate Christmas Cake

Cranberry & Apricot Christmas Cake


Pirate Fruit Cake

Pumpkin Gingerbread

Rae’s family Christmas cake recipe

Advent Adventure Christmas cards: Festive Favourite Recipes, this one passed down through the family

My Grandad George was a baker so this recipe would have been thoroughly tried and tested by him.  However, Bake Off technical challenge styley, we only have the ingredients list! Never fear, my aunt has put together a method: grandad-georges-christmas-cake-recipe.


Simple Vanilla Cake

Advent Adventure Christmas cards festive recipes page: a simple vanilla cake
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Whatever your level of baking skill, this is a great all round cake that you could easily decorate to make more festive.  Swapping the vanilla extract for almond will also give it a more seasonal flavour, as we discovered by accident (#similarbottles).