Coping over Christmas


Welcome to the Advent Adventure Christmas cards page with some suggestions of coping strategies that you can try if things get too much at any point over the coming weeks.

N.B. these are intended to assist with low level irritations and annoyances; if you find that you are struggling to function then please do seek professional help.  You can also get support from helplines such as the Samaritans; dial 1 (800) 273-TALK in the US or 0845 90 90 90 in the UK.

Go to bed at 10pm three nights in a row

Go out for a walk

Make a cup of tea then sit down somewhere quiet and drink it

Line up three of your favourite songs and then dance away

Lock yourself in the bathroom on your own for five minutes

Lock yourself in the bathroom and have a long bath or shower

Make a game out of things that annoy around this time of year, such as the irritating habit of a particular relative – pretend it’s like bingo and you need to get a full house of everything that peeves you

Roll your shoulders forward fifty times then backwards fifty times

Plan some things that you will really look forward to

Pretend you’re in a comedy; when something annoying happens, try to imagine what witty remark you’d whisper to camera

Schedule a catch up with your best friend either between Christmas and New Year or in early January – and think of everything as an anecdote to relay

Mentally hit your bullshit button whenever life requires it, which may be often