Things for you

  • Smile playlist

I’ve put together the first playlist I ever made.  Called ‘Smile’, it was eight tracks that, funnily enough, made me smile.  I used to listen to it during my early commutes up to Manchester from the Midlands.  If these songs could make me jig on the damp train platform at 06:15 whilst waiting for the stopping service to change at Stoke then they surely had some magical power!

And because I reckon that many of us could do with an injection of feel good-energy, I’ve shared this Smile list on 8Tracks.  It’s free to listen to, no downloading of software required.  Just follow the link!

I’d love for you to check it out.  I particularly recommend that you listen to it anytime that you have to get dressed in the dark, find yourself waiting for a delayed train on a wet platform or, like me, need a break from processing words.  Listen, sing and dance instead.  Or just listen!

  • August Break pdf

August was a period of dreaming and making dreams real, a time of renewal…and reflection.  All of my reflections have been gathered together here in a downloadable booklet.  I hope you enjoy the words and images and perhaps even feel inspired or informed by them.  Please feel free to share – and let me know what you think!

August Reflections