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My PhD thesis & books I've been involved in: How Can I Help You? Services Offered

In my time as an academic and now as a freelance writer, I’ve had enormous experience of working with words: everything from producing a 90,000 word thesis to a five hundred word blog post as well as a decade working as a journal editor.

I can use my expertise with words, both my own and those of others, to help you with yours.  I offer several different services: blogging, copywriting, editing and proof reading.  I also offer speaking services, event organisation and coaching packages.  Details of all these are below.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via

  • Blogging services

Many websites now incorporate a blog.  Having a blog is a great way to build an audience by sharing your, or your company’s, vision along with discussion and latest developments.  Interesting weekly blog posts may, for instance, keep a customer returning to your website even when they aren’t initially intending to make a purchase.  Regular blog posts are also a good way to continue reminding your audience of your presence and building your relationship with them.

I can help by working with you to develop ideas for your blog as well as producing the content itself.  I offer bespoke packages focused around single blog posts or bundles.  Prices are based on a sliding scale dependent on the number of posts (with a discount for commissions of five or more) as well as word count, research involved and the editing process that you require.

Help with social media content can also be bolted on to blogging support.

  • Copywriting

Although people may struggle to put their finger on exactly what features constitute good writing, they are quick to pick up on when they’re faced with poor examples.  At best, poor writing makes content harder to read and understand; at worst, it stops readers even bothering to try.

I can help by working with you to create beautiful, easy to read copy whether it’s for a brochure, a website or some other form of media.  I offer bespoke packages based upon the scale of work as well as word count, research involved and the editing process that you require.

  • Editing and proofreading

If you prefer to produce content for yourself but would value some input from a professional then I offer editing services.  I can read through any of your written materials and offer advice and suggestions on how it can be improved.  As with my other services, I offer bespoke packages based upon the work involved, but I can offer editing support from one short word document up to book length manuscripts.

Having once scoured a 120,000 word multi-authored document to ensure that each sentence was single spaced rather than double spaced, I can safely say that I have a well trained eye for proof reading!  With this service, I pick out spelling, grammar and stylistic errors and inconsistencies.  I can also help you to produce a house style sheet so that all documentation in your company or organisation conforms to the same basic writing rules.

  • Speaking services

I have over fifteen years of experience in international speaking, from leading intimate ‘in conversation’ affairs to lecturing large crowds.  I am available as a host for your event as well as a speaker on areas that fall under my expertise, whether that is contributing to a panel discussion or offering a specially developed talk.  Every fee is individually calculated based upon content required, time involved in preparation, travel time and costs.

  • Event organisation

If you are looking to either out-source the creation of your event or work with a partner who can offer support and expertise, then I can be of service.  In the last five years, I’ve been responsible for everything from a global conference with almost one hundred speakers to a roundtable discussion with a dozen researchers to putting together the only European stop for a visiting American blogger.  As with all my services, I offer bespoke packages designed to fit your needs with prices based upon time required either at an hourly, half  day or full day rate.

  • Coaching 

I am certified by the University of Warwick as a coach and mentor.  I work either face to face or via conference call/Skype as I’ve had clients as far away as Australia.  With coaching, I can help you to explore areas of life that either you wish to change or are already undergoing change.  I provide support, cheerleading and an impartial ear so that you are able to figure out for yourself what your best options are.  I offer packages ranging from a one-off session to a bundle of six to be taken over a maximum of eight months.

Previous clients have been kind enough to say the following:

From TC:

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the opportunity to work with you as my coach…It was a real pleasure to chat with you and both conversations have been very powerful and sown the seeds of some valuable rethinking about how I work…Also some great reinforcement that some things are actually on track and going okay and may not need change. This in itself is reassuring and positive…

I wanted to let you know too that I really enjoyed your coaching style. Your questions especially were a great prompt to dig deep…It’s so powerful to have that deep listening to allow this to occur.

Sincerest thanks for your coaching time with me – it’s been appreciated and a really important piece of the overall puzzle as I move forward.”


From CK:

“There are a couple of major decisions I made with the help of the coaching, which have stopped my life getting more complicated and more stressed, so that has made a huge difference.  It was as if I was snowballing and therefore taking more and more on as I went.

I felt that you listened carefully and objectively, and were able to relay back to me what I was really saying, almost as if you were translating a jumble of subjective and reactive ramblings!

[The overall experience was] was a positive one I think.  There are a few phrases or perspectives that leapt out to me during the sessions, and that have stuck with me since, which I feel are now additions to my survival toolkit as it were!…I felt there was no judgement at all, you managed to be extremely professional while still remaining ‘yourself’ and someone who I could relate to.”

From YJ:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but Rae explained at the start of the process the coaching practice and confidentiality of what is shared during the sessions, this put me at total ease.

I have a different perspective to my concerns and learning new techniques from Rae has helped enormously. I feel more prepared and calmer when handling situations which I would have found more stressful before the coaching sessions.  I am generally more happy to be in my shoes now and have gained a confidence in my decisions which I didn’t have prior to the coaching.  I feel relaxed and good about my life and also when considering my future.

Rae is approachable and listens, offering relevant advice which is tailored to the client, being non-confrontational but showing a different perspective to that of your own…I’m really glad I had the chance to do this. I feel calmer and happier, new techniques you have shared with me have helped enormously. I feel my life is more my own and in perspective!

Yes definitely [I would recommend this to others]. I’ve had a great experience and it’s most worthwhile.”




4 thoughts on “How can I help you?

  1. I received a package from you today, but it had an incomplete address. It is a beautiful scarf. Thank you. I have neurological issues that sometimes affect my memory. Was there a reason you sent this to me?


    1. Hello Andrea, glad it arrived safely! I sent it because you responded to the question in my June newsletter. I asked people to tell me their brags & you said about going to Pride xx


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