Carpe Weekend

Most of us are familiar with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, or ‘Seize the day’.  Yet rather than seizing every day, often it is only on the weekend that we feel we have time to stop, collect ourselves and breathe.  This feature is designed to help with that: a small suggestion, tip or hint for you to try (if you wish!) over the weekend.  Maybe it will make a difference to your life, maybe it won’t, maybe it will prompt some other thoughts.  Enjoy – and seize your weekend!

The last couple of days, I’ve eaten my breakfast in the garden.  Oh my, what a lovely way to start the day!  Of course, being British, I am fully aware that this state of things probably won’t last long.  In a lot of ways, that doesn’t matter.  In fact, living in a country where our summers are at best unpredictable weather-wise means that we should treasure bright and beautiful days more dearly.  Let’s make the most of them whilst we can!  With good temperatures forecast for the next few days, my carpe weekend tidbit this Friday is simple: go outside!  Get out there as much as you possibly can; in a garden, balcony, park, wherever.  Enjoy the good weather.  It might not last long but at least it is here at all.