One of my favourite quotations – I always try to remember these words when things seems tough or my strength seems shaken. Right now, am charting my boat on new waters. Ahoy!

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Carpe Weekend

Most of us are familiar with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, or ‘Seize the day’.  Yet rather than seizing every day, often it is only on the weekend that we feel we have time to stop, collect ourselves and breathe.  This feature is designed to help with that: a small suggestion, tip or hint for you to try (if you wish!) over the weekend.  Maybe it will make a difference to your life, maybe it won’t, maybe it will prompt some other thoughts.  Enjoy – and seize your weekend!

Right now in the UK, it’s hot. Very hot (well, hot by our standards!). Hot and sticky. Over the weekend it is forecast to be just as hot, only wet too. This weather can get to us, as can a mid-year lull. We’re over the halfway hump but unless you have a break booked then it can feel like a long slog from now until the next occasion that punctuates the year. So make like a schoolkid and declare this weekend your very own summer holiday! Do nothing, or as little as possible. Loll around. Re-read your favourite book from childhood. Maybe go swimming, or play a game in a local park. In short, remember whatever you loved from the summer holidays as a child and try to recreate that same feeling this weekend.

School’s out for summer!

Pictured: the Emirates Air Line across the Thames in east London, which I went on last weekend. A great way to see the city and it reminded me of the cable cars at theme parks, which I used to love. Admittedly this felt a lot sturdier and less dangerous!

Last night, I wrote a long and heartfelt blog post about Brene Brown and “I Thought It Was Just Me” and sex and shame and vulnerability. As my train pulled into the station, I saved it into crafts. Or at least I *thought* I had saved a draft. This morning I’ve come to edit the post, only to discover that it hadn’t saved. Nothing. No trace of the post anywhere. All those words, all that emotion, all that trying to share my story, all gone.

Is it a sign? Maybe it’s a timely reminder, should I begin to get smug, that I still have a look long way to go on my blogging journey. I certainly have a lot to learn on the technology side; as well as how to save draft posts, there is the frustrating matter of how to insert hyperlinks into text written in the Android app version of Tumblr (if anyone knows the answer, please tell me!). There are lessons about over sharing as well. How much is too much? Perhaps my lost post was too much.

So I will keep on. Keep on writing and learning and sharing (mindful of boundaries). Keep on, like the little tugs chugging up and down the Thames.