I have half a dozen favourite blogs about life, conscious living etc, and one of them is by Courtney Carver at Be More With Less.  I’m not sure how or when I first came across her, but she has been a regular in my inbox for at least a couple of years now (I’ve done her lovely advent course two years running and am already hoping that she runs it again this December).  

I was delighted, then, to see that she and I were thinking similarly about a particular topic – or, more specifically, a particular phrase.  See, her latest post is entitled ’The Tiny Guide to Parke Diem’; like my Carpe Weekend idea, this plays on the well-known Latin phrase ‘Seize the day’ (Carpe Diem) but reworks it with a different emphasis.  

With Parke Diem, Carver is encouraging literally time in parks, but also relaxation more generally – letting go, unplugging, not always being ruled by a to do list.  Carpe Weekend is slightly different in that certain suggestions might be about not doing but some are about getting something sorted out.  Even so, I hope that it encourages readers to think differently about their time at the weekends, rather than just regarding it as a forty-eight hour period in which to catch up on everything that wasn’t achieved in the week.  That is no way to live and if that is how you feel about Saturdays and Sundays, or any regular days off you have, then I recommend you get over and absorb some of Carver’s tips for Parke Diem!