Carpe Weekend

Most of us are familiar with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, or ‘Seize the day’.  Yet rather than seizing every day, often it is only on the weekend that we feel we have time to stop, collect ourselves and breathe.  This feature is designed to help with that: a small suggestion, tip or hint for you to try (if you wish!) over the weekend.  Maybe it will make a difference to your life, maybe it won’t, maybe it will prompt some other thoughts.  Enjoy – and seize your weekend!

I’ve been on a few trains recently after a period of not catching one for a while. I usually enjoy such journeys, partly because I don’t have to take a train everyday and partly because they offer such great opportunities for daydreaming. Yes, I could do work or check email or some other serious, important endeavour. Or I could just stare out of the window, take in the world around me and let my mind wander. Often, of course, a startling insight bubbles up or I find the solution to a pressing problem magically comes to me when I’ve done so, but these useful outcomes don’t happen on tap. Daydreaming is not a to do list item. Daydreaming is freedom. Try it this weekend. Even just a few minutes; look out of window or, better, lie on some grass and stare at the sky. Allow your mind to drift…who knows where it will take you.

[Pictured are some photographs taken whilst I paused to daydream on Thursday – much needed time out during a busy day]