Here are some of the lovely things that previous coaching clients have said about working with me:

From CK:

“There are a couple of major decisions I made with the help of the coaching, which have stopped my life getting more complicated and more stressed, so that has made a huge difference.  It was as if I was snowballing and therefore taking more and more on as I went.

I felt that you listened carefully and objectively, and were able to relay back to me what I was really saying, almost as if you were translating a jumble of subjective and reactive ramblings!

[The overall experience was] was a positive one I think.  There are a few phrases or perspectives that leapt out to me during the sessions, and that have stuck with me since, which I feel are now additions to my survival toolkit as it were!…I felt there was no judgement at all, you managed to be extremely professional while still remaining ‘yourself’ and someone who I could relate to.”

From YJ:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but Rae explained at the start of the process the coaching practice and confidentiality of what is shared during the sessions, this put me at total ease.

I have a different perspective to my concerns and learning new techniques from Rae has helped enormously. I feel more prepared and calmer when handling situations which I would have found more stressful before the coaching sessions.  I am generally more happy to be in my shoes now and have gained a confidence in my decisions which I didn’t have prior to the coaching.  I feel relaxed and good about my life and also when considering my future.

Rae is approachable and listens, offering relevant advice which is tailored to the client, being non-confrontational but showing a different perspective to that of your own…I’m really glad I had the chance to do this. I feel calmer and happier, new techniques you have shared with me have helped enormously. I feel my life is more my own and in perspective!

Yes definitely [I would recommend this to others]. I’ve had a great experience and it’s most worthwhile.”