I have twenty years of experience in public speaking, from leading intimate ‘in conversation’ affairs to lecturing university students, hosting online webinars to chairing round-table discussions with industry leaders.

I’ve appeared regularly on BBC local radio as a guest on the lunchtime programme and evening talk shows as well as a newspaper reviewer for the breakfast show.

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Values & sustainability, Sustainable(ish) Online Digital Festival 2020

I’ve also been an official speaker for the Women’s Institute and presented my work in a wide range of settings, from Cornell University, New York, to village halls, Oxford Fashion Week to community centres.

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Take a listen: Let’s chat about eco-friendly living with Rae Ritchie,
The Ethical Conversations podcast

I’m available for interviews and podcasts as well as hosting or chairing events. I am able to host or speak on areas that fall under my expertise, whether you’re looking for contributors to a panel discussion or a specially-developed talk.

For more information, please send an email to rae@raeritchie.com.

Take a listen: Using our values to develop sustainable behaviour,                        Be in the Change’s Global Huddle 2020